A Kickass Game

Flennis is the newest addition to the world of fast-paced ball sports. An explosive blend of Flummi and Tennis, Flennis can be played in singles, doubles, larger teams, or even alone if you don’t have any friends. The rules are complex and can be modified to taste – there is only one straightforward rule to all games of Flennis, and that is “don’t drop the ball”. Stay tuned for the official rulebook, to be published here whenever the inventors of Flennis deem fit.

Born in a Berlin Mitte office, Flennis is fast on its way to conquering the world. Plans for an official league are in the works, and the German Flennis Players’ Association (current membership: 3) has registered the sport with the IOC for consideration for the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Summer Olympics. If golf can do it, so can we.

Check back here for official news and updates from the world of Flennis. In the meantime: Go out and play!